Megan Meyer

Letting Go (The Vision)

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There is a story in the bible about a girl who doesn’t have a name.  Funny, there are a few of these.  These women in the bible, nameless, yet not without significance, are in all of us.  And this one in Luke really resonates with me, in particular.  The story begins with Jesus eating with a Pharisee and this woman shows up- she wasn’t invited but she came.  She must’ve heard Jesus would be there because it doesn’t say she is a maid or a servant or had any other known reason for being at the Pharisee’s house.  It goes on to say that she was a sinful woman.  Side-bar: I have looked all over, read different translations and looked at others’ research, and while some say her sin was prostitution, from what I have seen and read, there is not conclusive evidence about this.  So when I read something that someone has interpreted that names her particular sin as prostitution, I get a bit defensive for her.  I just want to look them in the eyes, whoever they are, and say: shame on you.  I don’t understand how you can put a sin on someone that you do not know is their burden.  I can tell you this- it doesn’t matter what her sin was by name, but it was significant in her eyes.  It was overwhelming.  We all know how that feels.  It doesn’t matter the name of your short coming, or your mistake, your regret, your shame, you carry it and it is heavy.  So here she is and she isn’t even there but a few moments and she sits at his feet and is completely overcome.  Let me tell you it’s personal.  It’s not just Jesus.  It’s HER Jesus.  She is washed over by emotion.  She gets it.  She has sinned much, and the awareness of that is evident in her lack of words and her abundance of surrender.   She is completely undone.

Luke 8:50 Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

I was this woman.  Couldn’t even speak it, but He already knew.  Face down, crying out, ready to surrender.  He took the aching of my heart and began a healing in me.  He spoke the words of peace over me that day that I never knew how desperately I longed to hear: “I have them.  They are okay.  They are here with me.  You don’t need to carry this anymore.”

That’s where it began.  One tear at a time.

Reversal of Destiny:  The moment of change, or turning point, that God designs for an impossible situation.  (Source: Putting on the New)