Megan Meyer

Living Outside the Default Zone

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Walking out of our pasts with God isn’t a one and done experience. Some of us have had a lifetime of “not good enough” and failed relationships only pointing to our own short comings. We live in a world of comparison traps, competition and never ending focus on self-improvements.  (Is it a wonder why we never feel enough?)  We have lived less than desirable lives; we’ve made destructive decisions in the name of a quick fix or a selfish moment.  No wonder we fall back.  Of course we stumble.   Idealistically, I think we believe that the idea of “being set free” (that’s Christian speak for getting out from under the grip of regret, shame, and guilt of our pasts), was a one time deal and then the rest of our lives would fall into place.  We could let go of the past, move on and feel good about ourselves.

That belief couldn’t have been further from the truth!

2nd Corinthians 5:17  Therefire, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old is gone, the new is here!

Becoming the “new in Christ” is complete the moment we surrender, however, actually living it out takes a continual renewal of our thoughts, our actions and our hearts.  Consider it the rinse and repeat.  The hardest part may be realizing that sometimes we will want to believe the past.  Its comfortable,  its habitual, and its less scary than facing the vulnerability of potentially trying and falling once again, and let’s be honest, moving forward takes work.  I don’t know about you all, but sometimes I just DON’T WANNA!  (That was said out loud in my best 3 year old voice.)

But the default zone isn’t any where close to the places God wants to take you.  He’s got so much more in store for you if you can call on Him for strength and step into the MORE of HIM.  So lets begin at the beginning.  You have to train your mind.  You have to tell it when you fall you haven’t failed.    Let Him be the more when you are feeling less.  Weakness and struggle is only an opportunity to lean on God and feel secure in Him, when you don’t feel it in yourself.  God’s truth of who you are is the only truth of who you are. Tell your self over and over and over until you are blue in the face:  I AM made new.  I AM made for more.  I CAN be who God says I am.  I AM who God says I am.

You will defeat the default.  Don’t sit down.