The Pursuit

The windshield wipers swished back and forth.  A large rain drop hit the window, triggering the tears in my own eyes to start spilling over. Read More

The Absurdity of Silent Night

Giving birth to my second son was an experience I won’t soon forget. That kid was in a hurry to make his debut, and because… Read More

How to Flourish

I remember the hunt for this plant that my mom had given me. We had recently moved into a new house with a large garden… Read More

Where were you

I can still remember the nights I cried out, my heart writhing in the pain of rejection so deep my whole being ached.  I can… Read More


Sitting on the dock, reel in one hand, coffee in the other, Bible and phone propped precariously beside me on the dock… I have… Read More

Trauma Survivor’s Day

My youngest son recently received a letter in the mail celebrating Trauma Survivor Day.  All the emotions of that infamous day came flooding back.  The… Read More

Identity: The Who and The Why

Identity.  It’s a big deal these days.  If we aren’t being told who we should be, we’re at the least hearing we should be somebody. … Read More


I called my dog to go on a run with me.  He can’t stop wiggling in excitement when he sees me grab my running shoes… Read More

God doesn’t rip off bandaids

I have guarded parts of my past for so long I believed I was the only one it could be trust with. Read More

I don’t really want to do God’s will

“People may seek God as they want him to be, but no one seeks God as he reveals himself to be in the Bible.”… Read More