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My Story

Pennsylvania born but Nebraska raised, I have to admit I’m partial to my adopted Midwest roots.  I’d never turn down an adventure to go anywhere, and I always jump at the chance to see the world with the loves in my life: my husband, Mike, and my three boys, Jackson, Baer, and Maddon.  When I’m not working on this ministry I can be found running or gardening, or anything active that you can do outdoors!  I’ll go anywhere God leads me, which is how this whole thing got started, and it is my heart to share the hope I have found, walking out of the darkness and into a life redeemed and revived.

*Please note, every blog post has a video with a personal story piece.  Just click on the play button in the middle of each picture to hear more of my story.

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“I have had multiple opportunities to hear Megan Meyer speak and she always inspires. Megan’s positivity, creativity and candor create a life-changing experience to everyone who gets to hear her speak. Megan would be great for any women’s event or Sunday morning, and is especially profound at communicating hope and redemption to anyone in any situation.”

- Pastor Mike Hintz, Executive Pastor Lifegate Church

“My first interaction with Megan was through a communicators class where she shared her story and life with us. She is a very energetic, impactful and sincere speaker that will grip your heart to want more of Jesus in your life. She is very real and authentic in her style of sharing, leaving you wanting to hear more.”

- Joyce Wilson, Lifegate Church


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