Megan Meyer
August 17, 2022
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With each keystroke I took, my heart rate increased. Am I really doing this? I thought as my fingers tapped the keyboard. I felt excitement and nausea- which is a clear indicator to me that Holy Spirit is at work! Our pastor was composing a series over several controversial topics, one being abortion. This, being a part of my own story, prompted me to think, maybe I could be of some help in some way. So there I sat, praying fervently with each letter I typed out in an email to my pastor. Why did this seem so much more nerve-racking than the other places I have shared? I am fully aware that anyone at any particular time can read my story through my blog, and I advertise and encourage people to do so! But this feels different. This is my home church. These are people I see every week. Not a group I visit once. Not a blog being read behind a screen somewhere else in the world. What I realized is that you can't just live in freedom passively, but you have to choose to walk in it every single day.

I think a misconception about freedom is that it is a one and done decision. What I have come to experience is that we don't fall into it by chance and we don't stay in it without intentionality. And often those opportunities of intentionality reveal themselves in choices of faith in the face of fear. It's rarely either one or the other. And while we strengthen our resolve through these steps of faith, they are not solely designed for us. They are for those who have yet to experience freedom. Our stories have the power to send light into dark places, and bring hope to the hopeless. We have to choose to be brave, not for ourselves alone, but for them.

Bravery is deciding to step into the unknown in the midst of the trembling hands, sweaty palms and hives! It's partnering with God when it feels unpopular, unconventional and uncomfortable.

Freedom is choosing self-sacrifice over self-preservation.

Freedom requires bravery. And we were made for freedom.

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Megan Meyer

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